Organic Mustard Oil


100% Pure Mustard Oil available at Khaloos and Enjoy the Taste of Purity



Our Organic mustard oil has many benefits some are here

Primary Benefits of Khaloos Organic Mustard Oil

Our Mustard Oil is  helpful for body massage in summer.
Regular massages with Mustard Oil supports for healthy circulation of blood which in turn supports for natural passing of the sweat from body and thus supports for natural cleansing the body.

Other Benefits Of our Oil

People with dry skin and hair especially in winter can be benefited with Mustard Oil. After a good massage you will get benefit in winters.
Used for flavoring Indian recipes as well as sausages and western foods.
Economic oil with larger shelf life for longer taste and nutrition.
It is generally used on the body as external application.
It is used as cooking oil also for deep frying food in India.

(For Massage)As per KHALOOS

Regular massage with Mustard Oil helps to support for healthy blood circulation which in supports for natural passing of the sweat from the body and for naturally cleansing the body. It also helps to support for healthy and natural hair.

Wild Crafted finest Brassica Juncea Seeds are mechanically cold pressed and double filtered in muslin cloth without the use of chemicals or petrochemicals. It retains all the well-balanced nutrients in the oil.

Uses as Massage Oil

Helps to support for healthy skin and hair.
Helps to neutralize the unhealthy effects on skin due to working in sun.
It helps to balance extra Kapha (Water), Dosha (Humour) in body.
Helps to support for healthy teeth. Mix few drops of Organic Mustard Oil and a pinch of Rock salt then massage it with finger on your tooth. Regular massage with it helps to support your teeth, jaws and gums strong & healthy.
Daily massage with Mustard Oil helps to natural nourishing the body.
Helps to support for healthy muscles.
Daily massage with this oil on scalp support for blissful sleep.
Use for flavouring the Indian & western foods, pickles, chutneys and acts as a preservative.
It helps to support for healthy respiratory functions.
Chemical Constituents
Mustard (Brassica Juncea) Seeds are full of Calcium, Proteins, Vitamin A+B, Omega Alpha-3, Omega Alpha-6, Fatty acids and antioxidants and all of which make it very useful for skin.

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