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Red Chili Powder is rich in vitamins and so on. Eating chili can increase the amount of food, enhance physical strength, and improve symptoms such as cold, frostbite, and vascular headache. Pepper contains a special substance that can accelerate metabolism, promote hormone secretion, and protect the skin. Rich in vitamin C, it can control heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis and lower cholesterol. Contains more antioxidant substances that can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.Red Chili Powder Can make the respiratory tract smooth, used to treat cough, cold. Pepper can also kill stomach parasites.
1. Healing and analgesic:Pepper is warm, can reduce body temperature by sweating, and relieve muscle pain, so it has a strong antipyretic analgesic effect.

2. Cancer prevention:capsaicin, the active ingredient of Chilli, is an antioxidant that stops the metabolism of the cells involved, thus ending the cancerous process of cell tissue and reducing the incidence of cancer cells.

3. Increase appetite, help, and digestion:The strong spicy taste of pepper can stimulate the secretion of saliva and stomach juice, increase appetite, promote intestinal peristalsis, and help digestion.

4. Low fat weight loss: pepper contains capsaicin, can promote fat metabolism, prevent fat accumulation in the body, conducive to low fat weight loss prevention.
5. However, excessive consumption of capsaicin can severely stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing stomach pain, diarrhea, and burning of the anus, causing gastrointestinal diseases, and causing hemorrhoids to bleed.
6. Malaria control: Pepper’s own capsaicin effectively inhibits malaria.
7. Protection of kidneys: Chili peppers contain a capsaicin substance that breaks down the body’s garbage and helps protect the kidneys.

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