What is Thandai Powder? What are its Benefits?

Khaloos Organics Presenting the best Energy Booster and the best thirst Killer which is Thandai Powder.

Thandai Powder is a very healthy and refreshing powder mix to make Thandai. Mainly in Asian Market, Thandai is known to be the best Traditional Drink, in past it was very Difficult and there was Energy Consuming way to Prepare Thandai, but now you don’t need to worry as we have Prepared Thandai Powder with all that Traditional Ingredients and Taste.


How to Prepare Thandai? (Using Khaloos Thandai Powder)

Ø  Take a Glass of Milk

Ø  Add 1-2 Tablespoon of Khaloos Thandai Powder

Ø  Add Sugar as per you want

Ø  Mix it Well and let it to cool in Fridge, your Thandai is Ready to Drink.

Ø  1 Bottle is equal to 5 Glass

Note: In Order to Enjoy Deep Aroma of Thandai, Make sure to let this in Fridge to get Chilled


Benefits of Thandai Powder

Major Benefits of Delicious Thandai are as follow:


                              IMPROVES DIGESTION

The fennel seeds present in thandai improves the digestive health. The oil in the seeds also stimulates the digestion by assisting the production of gastric enzymes in the body.


                              HELPS IN FIGHTING CONSTIPATION

The Seeds in the health drink aids in releasing gastrointestinal irritation and helps you get rid of constipation.seeds are very nutritious and are a rich source of protein, calcium, fiber and fat, therefore cures infrequent bowel moment.


                             COOLING EFFECT

Thandai also soothes the heat inside the stomach and controls your body temperature.


                              PRODUCES HEMOGLOBIN

The pistachios in thandai also assist in hemoglobin production, as it is a source of Vitamin B 6 content


                             IMPROVES IMMUNITY

                                         The spices like black pepper powder added in Thandai helps in enhancing                                             immunity. These spices are rich in antioxidants and contain remedial                                                     properties which are essential for liver health and control blood sugar                                                    level. It further contains saffron, which is an amazing source of anti                                                        oxidative and anti-depressant properties.


                           TREATS FLATULENCE

                                       Fennel seeds or saunf has anti-inflammatory properties which cures                                                       flatulence, gas and bloating in the body

                           FIGHTS INFECTION

                                       Thandai consists of Cardamom Powder that wards off infection by                                                         preventing the body against cold, cough and throat infection during this                                                 scorching summer time.


                           BOOSTS ENERGY

                                       Summers in Pakistan can be very harsh, therefore one needs to remain                                                 hydrated throughout the day. Thandai contains Seeds which are a natural                                             energizer, that gives your body the required energy. Cardamom in thandai                                             also keep you cool and calm. Even, the almonds and pistachios added in                                             the thandai also provide you with the burst of power and fire up your day. In                                           addition, they also give you the feeling of fullness.


                           NATURAL DETOXIFIER

                                       The cardamom used in preparing thandai is a natural detoxifier. It makes                                               thandai an effective natural detoxifier. Cardamom aids in battling infection,                                             cleanses the body and is particularly beneficial for nausea and vomiting.                                               Cardamom is very helpful in curing cavities and kills bacteria in the mouth,                                             which further prevents bad breath.



                                                                                                      Thankyou for Reading, Peace !!

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