Do you know about Lemon Grass and its tea?
lemon grass

Do you know about Lemon Grass and its tea?

Lemon Grass is  a best source of detox tea it is usually contain Lemon scent/fragarence .We  also used it as a herb and has many environmental benefits.

It is also known as cetronelia and it consist of sticky stems and roots.

It has a good smell and taste.It is also used as a folk remedy to promote boost immunity, relieve pain, sleep.

It is commonly found in Asia and is a common ingredient for Thai dishes.It is also commonly used in Sri lanka and Pakistan.

There are many varieties of lemon grass but its good quality is produce and available  in Pakistan.


Followings are the benefits:

  • Helps in reducing symptoms of PMC
  • Its relieves anxiety
  • Its oil is utilizes as aromatherophy
  • It helps in preventing cancer
  • It reduces high blood pressure
  • this make a tea which helps in preventing flue and cough
  • It consists of anti flammory properties
  • It may helps in digestion
  • It will help you in regulating your Cholestrol
  • It also helps in preventing Infection
  • Helps in boosting oral health
  • Tea is surely helps In loosing weight it work as best detox.

Its Uses

It can be used as a fragnance skills in different types of Cosmetics and soaps etc.tea is the best use of  grass in order to enjoy actual health benefits of it.

Lets check how can we prepare Lemon Grass tea?

Recipe to prepare  tea is as follow:


Purchase Its stalks or lemongrass tea powder from Khaloos Organics.


Pour One cup of boiling water and add 1 to 3 teaspoon of this oragnic grass (stalks or tea powder).you can add half teaspoon of khaloos brown sugar


Let it steep for about 5 minutes.


Strain your tea.




Enjoy your drink.

It has no side effect especially if you are using It in Winter season.

The best beverage is chilled lemongrass tea which is also very famous in European market why? Because they know the importance of Lemongrass, but we cant realizes its importance.

Thanks for reading, Peace

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