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Garam masala is a mixture of spices. Each spice that is added is beneficial for health. The addition of each spice ensures that body temperature becomes warm and this aids in the digestion process. Digestion is an important process and any failure in it will add to a toxic element in the body. These toxins hamper the joint movements. The toxins are eradicated from the body when one, consumes garam masala. Garam masala helps in improving blood circulation and also helps in supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. The advantage is that strenuous exercises can be done easily if one does it after drinking a cup of garam masala tea. Garam masala is a good spice; it prevents growth of cancer-causing radicals and can prevent colon cancer too. Garam masala is rich in anti inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This helps in restoring the health of the heart and reduces cholesterol. Conditions like arthritis are controlled well when one adds garam masala to the food.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is a Asian word, when translated is known as a hot mixture. Every region in India has different varieties of garam masala. Garam masala is a mixture of masalas that are mixed to prepare spicy dishes in Indian cuisine. It is also used in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. According to Ayurved, garam masala brings six types of tastes to mouth when it is added to the curry. These are the taste of peppercorn, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, cumin and cinnamon. Sometimes, nutmeg is also added to garam masala. The taste of cinnamon is warm and sweet. Taste of pepper is considered warm. The digestive system in the human body needs the right amount of heat to function properly. Garam masala is made by dry roasting all the spices and blending them. It can also be made without dry roasting.

Health Benefits of Garam Masala

Helps in digestion

Garam masala is known to increase the body temperature. It aids in proper digestion, and hence, removes sluggishness from the body. Toxic elements are flushed out of the body and hence restore health in a major way

Improves in immunity

Garam masala is known to improve the immunity of the body. It also helps to cure diseases like cold and fever. If a person is suffering from common cold due to extreme cold conditions, a cup of garam masala tea flushes out phlegm from the body and help to remove chest congestion. Garam masala prevents premature ageing. This is because toxic elements in the body are flushed out when one adds garam masala to his or her diet. Garam masala tea is beneficial for removing toxins from the liver and is known for cleaning the liver also. Garam masala increases the blood flow to different parts of the body, and increases oxygen supply ensures that ageing process is kept under check.

Helps in reducing weight

Garam masala helps in reducing weight. This is because garam masala is hot and this increases sweating in the body. Sweating is a process that burns extra fat in the body, helps in reducing body fats.

Absorption of vitamins and minerals

Garam masala has a special feature of aiding absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Garam masala is spicy and helps in increasing the blood flow and improves flow of oxygen. This helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body as they get converted quickly.

Helps maintain cholesterol

Garam masala is anti inflamationary, this helps in controlling cholesterol. The level of good cholesterol is maintained, and the level of bad cholesterol is reduced in the body. Pepper is known to convert bad cholesterol in the body to metabolise energy, and this ensures that a person becomes more motile. Clove in garam masala is loaded with eugenol, and this helps as anti-inflammation and tones muscles. Many old people face difficulty in walking, and this muscle soreness leads to cramps. These old age-related problems can be avoided if one adds garam masala to their diet

Restores health of the heart

Garam masala is rich in anti oxidant property. This helps in restoring the health of the heart. The chances of occurrence of a heart attack are minimized if one intakes garam masala to their diet. Garam masala also helps in prevention of stroke. Old people benefit a lot if they add a bit of garam masala to the food they eat. The best alternative is to take garam masala tea, and this will ensure that proper heart health is restored.

Prevents diabetes

Garam masala aids in the prevention of diabetes. It is a very useful spice for people who have type2 diabetes. The presence of nutmeg and clove in garam masala helps in the prevention of diabetes too.

Prevents cancer

Garam masala is rich in black pepper, this helps in removing problems of constipation. Black pepper is known to reduce the growth of free radicals in the body, and this further prevents cncer. Colon cancer threat is eliminated when one takes garam masala. The intestine gets cleaned, and the feeling of bloatig, gas, and acidity are removed when one consumes garam masala.

Prevents arthritis

Garam masala is a spice that prevents arthritis and gout. Many people in the world are suffering from joint and spinal pain. So, nerve sensory function is restored when one intakes garam masala

Helps in premenstrual cramps

Women suffering from premenstrual cramps and pains get relief when they have garam masala. Many women find that the blood flow is not regular during periods and this causes itchng and irritation. Garam masala when added to tea has been found to be beneficial during these problems.

Protects skin

Garam masala helps in restoring skin vitality. It ensures that black spots on the skin and dark circles under the eyes are reduced. The old skin cells and dryness of the skin are reduced if one adds garam masala to their diet regularly.

Restores hair growth

Garam masala is good for restoring hair growth, as blood flow increases to the scalp

Uses of Garam Masala

Garam masala is power packed with cloves. Cloves help in keeping the teeth clean and make the gums stronger. This ensures that bad odor and tooth decay are prevented. Garam masala is rich in omega 6, which is healthy. Garam masala helps in the prevention of loss of appetite too. Garam masala contains cinnamon which is a known source of fiber and aids in restoring digestive enzymes in the body. Garam masala is useful in improving concentration levels and alertness, a cup of garam masala tea has been found to be beneficial for people driving at night.

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