Khaloos Gram Flour


100% Organic Gram Flour Known as Besan in Urdu is Available in KHALOOS, the best place for Organic Products.



Khaloos Gram flour

khaloos gram flour or also called  besan is a pulse flour made from a variety of ground chickpea known as Bengal gram. lso known as gram flour, Besan is made up dried chickpeas that have been ground up into a gluten free four. Organic Chana Besan is commonly used in a batter to make savory kadhi with yogurt or deep fried pakodas and is also useful in combination with other flours or for making deserts. For those seeking a gluten-free flour substitute.

Khaloos Gram Flour can be useful in place of wheat flour in many recipes. It lends a nutty taste to breads, sauces and other foods, and is also a versatile and healthy alternative to complement recipes and dishes.

As a certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free product, Chana Besan complements vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. An excellent source of protein and high in fiber, it provides 21 grams of protein and 10 grams of dietary fiber per serving, as well as 25 percent of daily recommended iron intake.

It is a Certified USDA Organic product. Certified USDA Organic products are grown and produced using methods that preserve the environment while avoiding synthetic materials such as antibiotics and pesticides.

Products that meet these standards are produced by organic farmers and food processors that preserve natural resources and biodiversity, only use approved materials, do not used genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), receive annual inspections and separate organic food from non-organic food.

Besan is a GMO-free and vegan food, meaning no specific changes were introduced into its DNA via genetic engineering and it exclude all forms of animal products including meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, seafood and honey.

It is gluten-free, which means that it does not contain any ingredient that is derived from any type of wheat, rye, barley or crossbreeds. The two-pound package contains approximately 908 grams of it. It’s recommended to store this product in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight.

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