Crushed Red Chili also known as Dadarr


100% pure from farm red chillis, washed dried and ground to perfection.It gives authentic taste to your recipes and help to provide hot taste to them


Crushed red chili powder is one of the useful ingredient in every home. it is also known as dadarr lal mirch.Khaloos organic brings the best and finest quality of dadarr red chili. It is 100% pure and chemical free.

crushed red chili, dadarr

Our crushed red pepper flakes have a medium without being over whelming. they are offen use as a table condiment, adding a pleasent heat and attrractive apperance to any dishe.

These pepper flakes rate approxmatily 2000 scoville heat units and are the type found italian pizzerias table tops hence the nick name name of “pizza pepper”.

This is a proper pepper to use when a recipe calls for the ingredients ” red pepper flakes”

Try them with spaghetti, pasta dishes, asian stir fry, sauces,salads, eggs,casseroles and marinades.

Ingredients of Crushed Red chili:

100% pure from farm red chillis, washed dried and ground to perfection.

Storage and care :

store in a air tight container and keep it ina cool dark and dry places.


Additional information

Weight .25 kg


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