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White Cumin (Safaid Zeera) – 125Grams – Khaloos Organics



Cumin, or Zeera, is a popular spice used extensively across the globe. Did you know that these tiny seeds also hold a treasure trove of health benefits? From weight loss to aiding digestion, Zeera seeds can be quite a healthy companion on your wellness journey.

Spices play an essential role in adding more taste to our food especially Pakistani spices. Cumin(Zeera) seed is a herb with a nutty, peppery flavor and is commonly used in most households. The scientific name of cumin is Cuminum cyminum. It originated in Egypt and is now used everywhere across the globe. Traditionally, cumin has been used to reduce inflammation. Cumin seeds are consumed to avoid gastric problems, increase urination, and aiding digestion are amongst a few of the many benefits of eating cumin. However, over a period. of time, various researches have been conducted to know more about the medicinal properties of these tiny aromatic seeds we call Zeera in Pakistan. Sharing the typical benefits of Zeera seeds in our daily life.

Cumin is a part of every Pakistani kitchen

Cumin or Zeera as it is popularly known is a must-have ingredient for every Indian Kitchen. It not only adds aroma to the food but has a lot of nutritional benefits too given it is rich in Vitamins and minerals like iron, copper magnesium, and so on.

Benefits of Cumin For Health & Wellness

Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Research says spices like black cumin has cancer-preventing properties. It can avoid cancer cell multiplication. This is due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory benefits found in black cumin (Nigella Sativa)

Cumin Helps in Controlling Blood Sugar

Zeera  Seed is used as a hypoglycemic agent, meaning it helps in controlling blood sugar and, as a result, diabetes. It reduces the A1C levels of blood glucose which are the glucose attached to RBC. It is helpful for treating type -II diabetes.

Memory Booster

It is supposed to be used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. It has a favorable implication on the central nervous system, which eventually helps in improving memory.

Cumin is a Rich Source of Iron

Iron is a crucial component required by the body for the transportation of oxygen. It is an essential part of hemoglobin and is necessary for the assembly of red blood cells. Cumin seeds are a superb source of iron. The deficiency of iron may result in anemia. An anemic person feels dizzy and tired, drinking a glass of cumin-infused tea could help in reducing this tiredness and lethargy.

For Treating Respiratory Disorders

Cumin seeds are used to treat respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, and cough. Emphysema, bronchitis, the flu, congestion also can be managed with jeera seeds. Cumin oil helps in controlling respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, etc.

Healing of Piles

Piles occur due to constipation and infections within the anal tract. Cumin helps in the healing of diseases within the digestive and excretory systems. Add one teaspoon of Zeera powder in one glass of water and drink in the early morning to get benefited from the problem of piles.

Aids In Digestion

Cumin contains thymol which stimulates the salivary glands. It also helps in the digestion of food and strengthening of the gastrointestinal system along with improved nutrient assimilation.

Like many herbs, Zeera (cumin) has medicinal benefits and is used for diseases of the alimentary canal for treating coughs and chest colds. Scientific evidence suggests cumin may aid digestion by stimulating enzymes to interrupt down the food you eat.

Relieves Pain

Cumin is used as a painkiller, especially a toothache and acute stomach pains. Some herbalists also recommend cumin seeds to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome (A condition, where-in hand and arms undergo numbness)

Uses of Cumin Seeds For Women

Cumin seeds stimulate and help increase milk flow for nursing mothers. When it is used to treat allergies, it has an antihistamine effect.

Reduce foodborne illness

Eating unhygienic or contaminated food can cause foodborne illness and stomach pain.  Drinking cumin water can help to reduce food-related health risks. Cumin release a chemical constituent called megalomycin that reduces the growth of foodborne microorganism responsible for causing stomach pain. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of cumin seeds are used for reducing the infection caused by foodborne microbes.

Cumin Tea and their benefits

Cumin tea or Zeera tea has a high therapeutic value. To prepare the same, simply boil some Zeera seeds in a cup of water and strain it in your tea-cup. You may add drops of honey to improve the taste and for better results.  It serves as a low-calorie drink for a person doing workouts. It also helps to spice up the system during cold and flu season. This tea is also helpful if you have a throat infection or swelling in the neck. Cumin tea also makes the digestion process faster and prevent problems of acidity.

Cumin Seeds as cosmetics

It has the advantage of softening the skin and strengthening hair and nails. Cumin seeds are used in the preparation of moisturizing cream to reap the benefits of healthier skin. Their standard dosage doesn’t show any toxic effects or adverse reactions.

Home remedies using cumin:

Cumin powder can be mixed up with turmeric and honey and used as a face pack for glowing skin and removing acne and pimples. It also acts as an antiseptic for treating an infection on your skin.

Washing your face with cumin water removes skin tanning due to sunlight.

Applying cumin paste to the hair prevents hair loss and promotes healthy growth of hair follicles.

Heating cumin oil and gently massaging the scalp helps to strengthen your hair.

Cumin as Toxins Neutralizing agents

The saponin constituents present in black cumin help to clean the toxic metabolites in the body and purification of blood from poisonous substances. It is a pro-immunity builder for all. Black Cumin benefits our body by sending all the dead and decaying microbes from the tissue towards the spleen for degradation.

Antioxidant property for removing cholesterol

Cumin contains chemical constituents like terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids. This chemical has functional therapeutic importance in the maintenance of health. The antioxidant property of Cumin(Zeera) seed also comes from the above chemical supplements. Thus, it increases the speed of healing faster. The important thing is that it doesn’t allow the oxidation of fatty acid and stops the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries.

Immunomodulatory action

Zeera can make your immune system more active. It promotes blood flow and treats inflammation in the various parts of the body, as a result, the white blood and phagocytic cells go on increasing and prepare the body to fight against an upcoming antigen in the future. Someone drinking Cumin(Zeera) seed water regularly is likely to not get infected from any type of microbial disease. Zeera water helps in maintaining the immune system healthier.

Zeera water for weight loss

It is most helpful for those people who want to lose their weight. But, make sure to maintain the diet in addition to intaking cumin water. Eating fatty foods and cumin water will not show the result as they act opposite to each other. Drinking cumin water in the early morning can meltdown maximum cholesterol deposits in the body. In the long term, this can be useful for lowering weight. Therefore, Cumin water benefits us in weight loss too.


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