Stevia a sugar product
Stevia is a leading sugar, that is a graet export of China

Stevia a sugar product

Stevia is Sugar Powder which is Leading Exporting product in China. Stevia has a very sweet and Squisy taste which is very beneficial for human health.

Stevia is 200-300 times more sweeter then Table sugar and it has more benefits the Normal Sugar.

Stevia is also an alternate of regular as it is also healthful for Sugar patient. To make stevia sweetners, the glycosides must be extracted from leaves.

Stevia may also be used for baking Purpose and also for making regular recipes.

Stevia also helps to reduce Hunger. Many Researches have started to use Dried stevia instead of extracting it from leaves.

Benefits of Stevia

Stevia has following health benefits:

  • It Controls Blood Sugar.
  • It helps in reducing Hunger.
  • It protects liver from damage.
  • It reduced Cholesterol level.
  • Helps in protecting blood pressure.
  • It fights from Cavities.
  • Prevents Diabetes.
  • It helps in Strenghtning Bones.
  • A sweetner which helps in strenghtning teeth.
  • It prevents cancer.
  • It reduces bacteria formation.
  • It helps for Skin care.
  • It helps in loosing weight.
  • It helps to protect Heart.
  • Inhibits growth of Tumor.
  • Helps in to prevent Allergies.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Calories:    16
  • Sugars:       4g
  • Fat:               0g
  • Protein:     0g
  • Carbs:         4g
  • Fiber:          0g

Stevia is a leading suagr product:

China is a country leading in export of Stevia and is growing its market all around the world. The price of Stevia in China is rapidly going down as it is becoming most highest production in China.

There are other European countries leading in Stevia but China has beaten all of them in a single shot.

Stevia is Usually used as Ingredient in European Market in Ice creams, Desserts, Sauces, Yogurts, Bread, Softdrinks, Pickled Foods, Chewing gums, Candy, Seafood etc etc


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