What is Desi Ghee? Why It has more benefits?

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Many people has question that what Actually is Desi Ghee,

The short answer to them is it’s a biggest blessing from ALLAH for everyone.

It is a delicious thing ever and cure for any ailment. It is usually made from Cow & Buffalo.


Desi Ghee is the most favourite in Asian Households. It is very fragrant and has a rich taste.

Benefits of Desi Ghee:

It has numorous benefits, some of benefits are as follow:

1)    Low in fats

2)    Decreases Glycemic Index

3)    Great for skin

4)    Helps in Loosing weight

5)    It is beneficial for Heart problems

6)    It improves Eyesight

7)    It Positively affects the mind

8)    It has high smoke point

9)    It helps in Boosting Digestive System

10) It balance your Hormones

11)  It curses thypoid dysfunction

12) It provides energy

13) It provides essential vitamin

14) Immune system is being strengthen by using Desi Ghee

15) It is free of Immunities

Nutritional Facts:

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