What is Mixed Pickles? What are its Ingredients and What are its Benefits?

Khaloos Bring Home Made Mixed Pixles with Preservation of 100% Pure Mustard Oil. 

The process of pickling is the most famous process in the Pakistani Rural Areas.

The fresh and pure Mixed Pickles is very rare to find in Urban areas, but now you dont need to worry, KHALOOS Brings 100% Pure and Fresh Mixed Pickles for the first time in Pakistan.



1) Mangoes

2) Carrots

3) Mustard Oil

4) Green Chili

5) Lemons

6) Cauliflower

7) Garlic Cloves

8) Balsam Pear

9) The Spices According to Special Taste


Nutritional Facts:

Benefits of Mixed Pickles:

Followings are the benefits of Mixed Pickles:

1) It controls Glucose.

2) Prevents from Ulcer.

3) Its helps in Improving Liver Healthy.

4) It Contains Antioxidants.

5) It Produces vital Minerals.

6) It Prevents Digestive Problems.

7) Helps in Reducing Sugar Level.

8) It builds Immunity.

9) Helps in Pragnancy.

10) Helps to Control Blood Pressure.

11) Muscles Cramps.


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