Do you know about Rock sugar and it’s benefits?

Rock Sugar is also known as Rock Candy, it consists of large Crystals which has different uses then table sugar. It is used in soup, beverages and in many other products..

It is also used as Glaze or also eaten as Candy. These crystals of rock sugar grows in concentrated sugar solution. The color of this type of  Sugar can be white, clear or Caramel.

It is not as sweet as regular sugar. It doesn’t affect the flavor as much as regular white sugar.In Europe it is being sold in Plastic Bags or boxes.The best to find it in bulk is Asian Market, because Sugar is only extracted by Asian Pecific area.

It is known as Mishri in Asian Market. The original taste of rock sugar can be found in Asian Market like in Pakistan.


Followings are some health advantages:

·       It is much beneficial for eyes as it helps in improving vision.

·       Sugar and Fennel seeds, after meal helps in easy digestion.

·       It prevents from Nose Bleeding (Nakhsir).

·       It is best for Mouth Ulcer Prevention.

·       It is also best for Removing Cough.

·       It is Supportive for Kidney stone.

·       It is also helps in Breathing problem.

·       You have a neck pain? this Sugar is best for you.

·       Mishri is a Supportive medicine for Loose Motion.

·       You have a poor vision headache? Rock sugar is best for you.It helps in Boosting Energy.

Nutritional Facts:

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